History: 2002 – 2014

2002—Palo Solo’s elementary school receives needed support

  • March 2002: At the time, the school stopped at grade 4. The school’s teacher petitioned the Gladstone Fund for bookcases and desks. Palo Solo’s primary school received ten wooden desks, a teacher’s desk and a bookcase on permanent loan. The bookcase was stocked with Spanish readers donated by Houghton Mifflin Publishing Co.

2003—Lone Tree Institute gets going

  • March 2003: the Gladstone Fund became the Lone Tree Institute for Investigative Learning, and registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • September 2003: plans were made to build the Richard B. Gladstone community library in Palo Solo with funds raised from Richard Gladstone’s friends and family.

2003- Potable water reaches Palo Solo and Temua

  • Historically, the 800 residents of Palo Solo and Temua had no access to drinking water or electricity. Families resorted to hauling buckets water by oxcart over miles of dirt road. For years, a local water committee fruitlessly sought a sponsor for a new water system.
  • In 2003, we collaborated with the Japanese Embassy, the municipal government and the people themselves to connect Palo Solo and Temua to clean drinking water.

  • In 2012, the United Nations reported meeting the Millenium Development Goal related to access to clean drinking water three years ahead of schedule:  ”an estimated 1.1 billion people in urban areas and 723 million people in rural areas gained access to an improved drinking water source over the period 1990-2008.” (Read more –> Millenium Development Goals Progress Report, 2011)
  • The four rural communities we work in, and their residents, can be counted among the 723 millions people listed in the report.
  • 2005—Richard B. Gladstone community library built
  • January 2005: we inaugurated the Richard B. Gladstone community library in Palo Solo and its initial collection of 2,000 books, puzzles, educational games, afternoon classes and a full-time librarian. It serves the communities of Palo Solo, Temua, San Caralampio and Loma Negra.

2007 – Electricity to Palo Solo and Temua

  • In 2007, the Lone Tree Institute participated in a project that brought electricity to  Palo Solo and Temua. We paid for  the electrical wire needed to connect each home to the main line installed along the road.
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