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The Richard B. Gladstone community library was inaugurated in 2005. Open five days a week, the library offers a good book collection, space for meetings and events, educational recreation for children, and reference books and textbooks for secondary school students. Outside of school hours, children come by to work on puzzles, play chess, read and explore other types of educational games.

A portrait of Richard Gladstone hangs inside the library

A portrait of Richard Gladstone inside the library

In 2011, 60 different children and teenagers, ages 7 to 17, participated in the library’s programs. The book collection contains newly purchased books, donated titles, and educational anthologies donated by Scholastic and Houghton Mifflin companies in commemoration of Richard Gladstone, who served as a vice-president of Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company when he retired.

(Click to enlarge). The library: it serves four rural communities as a community center and traditional library.

The collection spans three levels and is categorized accordingly: early reading, primary school-level and secondary-school and above.

The early reading level includes classics such as Dr. Seuss and Curious George (in Spanish). The secondary school level includes copies of the full series of Harry Potter, poems by Nicaragua’s Nobel Laureate poet Ruben Dario and other Spanish literature classics.

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Environmentally sustainable design 

In its design, construction, and daily operation, the library demonstrates sustainability and energy efficiency.

How is the RBG library green?2 copy

North side of the library building. The pillars and windows are repurposed wood. The brick and tiles (for the roof) were made regionally.


The library has always been staffed by local high school, college or budding young professionals. Currently, it is operated on a day-to-day basis by two part-time staff members.