San Caralampio

Unlike Palo Solo, a few miles away, larger houses surrounded by a couple hectares of land characterize San Caralampio. Of Lone Tree Institute’s four target communities, San Caralampio is the one closest to the town of La Concepcion.

Farmers struggle with a limited supply of water for irrigation, but their larger land holdings allow for crop diversification and therefore provide a buffer against down years. Families work in their so-called orchards of citrus and banana trees, while the smaller coffee bushes do well in their shade. Families receive cash for the fruit they sell but are also partly self-sufficient. Some farmers also own separate (from their home) plots of land where they grow beans, cabbage, tomatoes, or pitahaya for sale.

San Caralampio boasts a community baseball field, and the Lone Tree Institute supports youth baseball teams that practice and compete there.

Primary and high school students can walk to school, and attendance and completion rates here are understandably the highest among the four communities. Increased access to transportation, coupled with its relatively short distance from La Concepcion, makes San Caralampio the least isolated of the four communities.

How do you get from San Caralampio to the library in Palo Solo?