Loma Negra

Located between San Caralampio and Palo Solo, Loma Negra does not have access to regular transportation. Students walk or ride bicycles and water is hauled by ox cart out from town in barrels.

Families get most of their income from small but highly diversified farms. They are larger than those in San Caralampio, and they feature more livestock and coffee but fewer citrus trees.

Families live on or very near the small farms, and children walk to public elementary school. But Loma Negra is where we begin to see fewer go on to high school, compared to the town of La Concepcion. Among other reasons, teenagers are productive workers on the family farm. Families are large, and transportation costs and mandatory fees cut too deeply into their limited income.

And even for those who do manage to make a start, farming and family responsibilities, financial hardship, reduced access to textbooks, school materials, and suitable places to study all contribute to a low transition rate from primary to high school.