Is Palo Solo getting the access to public education? One of the questions we asked during the 2013 survey was the education attainment and age of each person currently living in Palo Solo. With this, we were able to estimate the community’s overall education attainment over the past 65 years. When looking at these trends, it’s useful to know that Palo Solo’s public elementary school didn’t add fifth and sixth grade until 2005.

And how did 6 – 20 year-old students do last year? The above graph shows the percentage of Palo Solo residents, by age, enrolled in school as of Dec., 2012. Being enrolled and attending school, however, doesn’t necessarily mean also being on-track for your age. Indeed, the survey indicated that being significantly behind can become a major reason for drop outs in later grades. The standard starting point is enrollment in first grade by ages 6 – 7.